Still alive and kicking...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm sure that most of you are shocked, but I am still alive and kicking - just not bloggin'!

I do have some pretty good excuses though. First, I was busy working, then our computer crashed due to an awful virus (that I accidentally downloaded from Facebook). The clincher is that I used to NEVER download anything for this very reason AND I am not even that into facebook. Bummer for me, but mostly the hubby. He was so amazing in fixing this for me. It took him many, many hours and days to get rid of this virus. After trying everything (and keep in mind, he's really good with electronics), he had to wipe out EVERYTHING and reload all our files, programs, applications, etc. He also went out and bought an external hardrive for my pictures. It's 1 TB in size - which he tells me will last for the rest of my life. So, anyway, it looks like I am back in business. I was in the process of trying to download some pics from Halloween when our virus starting acting up. So, I might still put some out there.

I have to also share a conversation that I had with Michael this morning as he was getting ready for daddy to take him to school. It went like this:

Michael - "Where's daddy going?"

Me - "He's going out to pull the car up for ya."

Michael - "Daddy no do that."

Me - "Why?"

Michael - "Car too big for daddy pull." (While he's saying this he is motioning as if he's pulling his wagon.)

Me - "Oh, you're right. I meant that he's driving it up to get ya."

Michael - "Up?" (As he's pointing up...)

Me - "No, I guess that doesn't make sense either. He is driving the car over to us." (I then grabbed him and his bags, quickly brought him downstairs and passed him off to Frank as I was laughing.)

I guess having kids really makes you think about what you say. They take everything so literally.

Sometimes it makes me I really qualified for this parenting thing?